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As the "CHEMIE" business unit, we offer a wide range of products to cover the existing needs of the market.

At the Pischelsdorf plant, highly purified sulfuric acid has been produced for several decades. And we do this at a capacity that made us the market leader in Austria, with the most up-to-date double catalysis technology and devices that guarantee the highest level of environmental protection.

Our plant in Carinthia manufactures high-quality electrolysis products based on the membrane process. By innovation and competence, we are setting standards in the development of advanced environmental technologies, such as those which are effective in the recovery of used mordanting agents and used acids.

At Landeck, the most traditional production site of Donau Chemie AG, we produce calcium carbide. With our plant, our knowledge and our products, we have created and safeguarded a good position for ourselves in the top-notch European field of suppliers for high-quality products for pig iron desulfurization - along with the traditional production method for acetylene gas generation.

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