Sulfamic acid

Donau Chemie has built Europe's first production plant for amidosulfonic acid in Pischelsdorf / Austria and produces high-purity sulfamic acid. For our customers, this means shorter and thus more environmentally friendly transport routes and security of supply.
Sulfamic acid is an industrial chemical and an important raw material for the production of decalcifiers, limescale removers and sanitary cleaners. When dissolved, the colorless crystalline substance is a very effective limescale remover. It is odorless and much more effective than citric or acetic acid. Sulfamic acid is also used as an important raw material in the plastics industry, sweetener industry, electroplating and laboratories.


As the largest sulfuric acid producer in Austria, we take advantage of the synergies at the production site. In addition to urea and oleum, the production of sulfamic acid primarily requires sulfuric acid.

Our offer

  • only producer in Europe
  • quality from Austrian production
  • delivery and supply security due to short delivery routes
  • support by our R&D department for technical questions
  • flexibility in production and delivery
  • just in time deliveries
  • application-technical and logistic consulting

Products / Qualities

  • Sulfamic acid technical (min. 99.5%)
  • Sulfamic acid premium (min. 99.8%)


  • Descaler
  • Limescale remover
  • Sanitary cleaner
  • Plastics industry
  • Sweetener industry
  • Electroplating
  • Laboratories

Delivery only to bulk customers > 12 tons/delivery.
For small quantities please contact Donauchem GmbH
Thomas Lamprecht Product Manager Sulfamic Acid, Sales Manager Sulfuric Acid & Electrolysis Products
+43 1 71147–1352
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